Last Mid Day Recap of 2020 +$15k

Daytrading Strategies: Futures Trading for Beginners

What is the difference between the traders that succeed and those that do not? There is no one answer, but there are a number of elements that work against us as traders. Some of them are…

Binary Options: The New Fad

When looking for a very simple way to invest, one should certainly consider binary options. They are fun as well as quite possibly profitable.

4 Reasons to Use Tick Charts in E-Mini Trading

E-mini trading charts are a visual representation of the data created by the price action of the market. Traders have a number of choices as to how that data is represented on a trading chart. In my opinion, most traders seem to opt for time-based charting methods.

How To Become a Disciplined Trader

This article lists some steps that a trader can take towards becoming a disciplined trader. It also lists a few things that should be included in a trading plan.

Learn to Read Stock Price Action, Don’t Just Blindly Follow a System

If you start out in trading and look to fast forward your learning curve by purchasing someone else’s system, I think you’re going to be disappointed with the overall results you get, especially long term. Without the proper experience and understanding of everything’s that’s involved in trading, learning a single system is the equivalent of a young wrestler learning a fancy take-down move and expecting to compete in competition with that alone.

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