LIVE Day Trading Morning Show!

Emini Trading and the Iraq Exit Strategy

What’s the most important question to ask before you enter a trade? The answer may be easy, yet not often paid attention to.

Day Trading and Night Trading – Welcome to Groundhog Day

Remember the movie with Bill Murray, a television weatherman who is sent to Punxsutawney, Pa. to cover the annual appearance of the town’s groundhog. In this movie Murray finds himself doomed to relive the same day over and over. His alarm rings at 6:00am and his time loops starts again. Day trading and night trading are exactly the same… a time loop.

Marshaling Your Capital Resources to Begin Day Trading (Getting the Money to Start Trading)

New investors and day traders often wonder how much money they will need to get started in the trading business. To be safe, start small and grow bigger! And don’t forget to do a fair amount of simulated trading first!

Scheduling Your Success and Determining Your Time Frame as a Trader

Determining your time frame for investing will be your key as a day trader or investor to success. Once you set your goal of how much time you want to invest in trading, you will literally be able to schedule your own success.

A Unique Spin On Risky Living Beyond Day Trading With Day Trading As A Metaphor

Life is the ultimate value exchange, sure. It is also the ultimate commodity you trade with time as the value measurement.

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