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Are You Trading Or Gambling?

When trading is looked at, gambling takes a much more complex dynamic approach that what is presented in the definition. Money traders are gambling without even knowing it. In this article we will look at the hidden ways In which gambling creeps into trading practices, as well as the stimulus that may drive an individual to trade (and possibly gambling) in the first place.

Learning to Trade – First Steps – Consistency

Trading is a pursuit that contains a large amount of un-certainty, this is because there is nobody that can genuinely predict the future movement of any market at any timescale. Gaining a consistent approach is key for new traders. This article explains the issues and how we can begin to go about creating the environment from which to improve and thrive as a trader.

Technical Analysis – Should You Use It?

I am reading a fascinating book about trading in the financial markets. It is interviewing the most successful traders from around the world in order to give the reader some insights. The thing that struck me was that every one of them used technical analysis to a certain extent.

Some Effortless Guidelines to Make Income With Swing Movement Buying and Selling

Swing trading is a type of short-term stock trading that has a longer holding period than day trading. In this form of stock trading, you have to be a keen observer of market trends and buy (or sell) your stocks when the market trends are favorable and then walk away with a profit. Your interests are not for the long-term here; all you are trying to do is to make some near term profits, and you have to be nimble about it. Now, if you…

Hot OTC Penny Stocks – How to Find and Invest in Them For Huge Profits Today

Have you ever thought of investing in OTC Penny Stocks but do not know how to go about picking the real hot penny stocks that has the potential of fetching you several hundred times over what you had invested in them and that too in matter of weeks? Well just read through this article now.

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