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The Long and Short of Financial Spread Betting

Financial spread betting must be given due consideration by those engaged in the trading of stocks, forex, indices and commodities. One of the main pluses of spread betting is that there’s no dealing costs involved in the transaction. Bookmakers earn from their commissions based on the spread that is quoted.

Article 2 – CFD Trading and Stock Trading Face-Off

Here is what you will definitely ask, when confronted with these options in trading. Which is better between the two- CFD trading or stock trading? Well, we don’t have a hard and fast rule on this one, as there are basic differences between the two that you have to consider.

Rules For Successful Day Trading

Creating a list of rules to follow is a great way to help insure your success and the much needed positive trading perspective. Put the rules on the wall next to your computer or the wall above the monitor to remind you were you on a daily basis. For those who have been in the market for years, the most used rules are over often looked because they are so well known. A list can even help the most experienced trader.

The Importance of Looking at Multiple Time Frames When Day-Trading

In all areas of life, context and perspective are important. Multiply this a thousand fold when day-trading.

Become a Day Trader – What Does it Take to Develop Into a Day Trader?

Many profession choices in life are moderately easy and many individuals go to college for a certain career choice they are interested in. For instance many people elect to develop into a physician, lawyer, firefighter or a police officer. They have a clear path of education and training as a way to get to their end results of reaching their career goals.

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