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Do You Want to Trade Or Have Someone Tell You When to Trade?

Would you prefer to learn how to trade or take your trading cues from a trading room leader. As trading rooms increase in popularity I take a look at this emerging question.

Day Trading – Learning to Manage Risk

One of the hallmarks of an experienced trader is his or her constant aversion to risk. There are many steps you can take to minimize risk in your trading and I have enumerated a few that a simple and easy to implement.

Day Trading – A Comparison to Floor Trading

There has been numerous training educators who claim that real trader, like “floor traders” don’t use oscillators and many of the tools of the home based day trader. As a trader who has performed both as a floor trader and home trader, I point out the differences in these professions.

How Come Trading Programs Cost So Much?

Trading courses seem to be rising in price as time goes by. I question the value of these higher prices in relation to the actual information they convey. Further, I suggest a far more important variable in trading success than trading courses.

Can You Make Money Day Trading Options?

Ten years ago it was almost impossible to sit in a cafe or attend a party without overhearing a conversation in which a couple of guys were bragging about all the money they were making day trading the market. If one of the guys was a real winner, he was talking about all the cash he was raking in by day trading options. It seemed every day a new millionaire was popping champagne corks.

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