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How to Use Fibonacci Level in Your Trading

So who was Leonardo Fibonacci? He was a mathematician who lived in the thirteenth century in Italy. He was the first to discover a certain ratio of number series that can describe natural proportions of things in the universe, including price data.

Legal Framework for Hedge Fund Regulation

There is no statutory definition of the term “Hedge Fund.” The industry accepted definition is that they are privately offered investment vehicles in which the contributions of the high net worth participants are pooled and invested in a portfolio of securities, commodity futures contracts, or other assets.

Day Trading Strategies Online

Day Trading Strategies are pretty confusing and a number of investors find themselves in serious problems while trying to know the exact entry and exit points. Day Trading Strategies are rarely explained and I thought it was a good idea to write and article about it.

Option Trading Terms and Definitions

Day Trading, Option Trading Share Market do not be confused or intimidated by the language used in the Trading Market. Once you learn it and understand it a whole new field of investing may open up to you.

Day Trading Stocks – Trading Markets That Have the Odds Stacked Against You

There is a wide variety of markets available for online day trading, with some being riskier than others. Knowing which markets have the odds stacked against you can significantly affect your success in online day trading stocks. Here are some important benefits of e-minis (index or basket of stocks) and how they stop the odds from being stacked against you.

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