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Utilize a Stock Trading Journal For Successful Investing

The market is changing every moment and it’s extremely important to track everything you do in a stock trading journal. If you don’t capture in that moment what you were seeing that caused you to take a particular trade setup and what you’re expectations where, it’s difficult to monitor and improve upon your trading strategy.

Trading Journals and Trading Plans – Starting Anew

As a full-time day trader now for nearly seven years, I know how much better, easier (and successful) trading life can be when you abide by your own personal trading plan, and have a means to record, track and analyze every move you make. Just recently, I was asked my recommendation on whether or not I would start my trading journal over as we were approaching the new trading year. Here was my (edited) response…

Do You Have a “Day Trader Personality”? How to Tell If Your Temperament Is Right For Day Trading

If you have had any exposure to day trading, you will know that this trading strategy is not for the faint hearted. Maybe you have been paper trading or even tasted the adrenalin of real trading on an intra-day basis. Maybe you have heard stories of how day trading is considered to be the most risky of all trading.

Share Market Intraday Tips and Their Importance

Every now and then such an aspect is being observed when we come across the facet of gaining more in less time devoted. This is because; every individual has somehow kept their whims and desires go strong no matter in what time slot but to lead a life embedded with comforts and luxury. In reaching to such healthy and delicate dreams of a million individuals; people have started showing their insatiable curiosities to invest in share markets.

The Elliott Wave Principle – An Analysis

The Elliot Wave Principle is a theory about mass psychology applied to financial markets. The EW principle suggests that mass psychology swings from pessimism to optimism in a predictable and cyclical wave pattern and that this pattern can be seen in price movements in financial markets.

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