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How Powerful is Forex Megadroid With Its New Artificial Intelligence?

Forex Megadroid was introduced in March of 2009 by its 2 founders – Albert Perrie and John Grace – declared on their website to have more than 38 years of Forex trading knowledge between them. They also state that this trading program has proven consistent outcomes since 2001, with a success rate of 95.80% under all forms of market conditions.

Eminis – What Are They and Why Are They So Popular?

The number of people trading Eminis has exploded in recent years. Why? Well because they are small enough that they are affordable for most people to trade, they have very high liquidity, so you can get in and out of trades quickly and they have great leverage and volatility. There are limitless opportunities to make money. Additional to all this, they are 100% electronic, and you can trade the markets up or down.

Three Bullish Candlestick Patterns That Give Great Buy Signals

Even though there are many candlestick patterns and formation that traders use in making trading decisions, however there are three bullish candlestick patterns that give great buy signals. You should master these three bullish candlestick patterns.

Leveraged Trading Versus Trading Stocks and Shares

It is a sure thing that leveraged trading on the financial markets isn’t for the faint hearted. Traders who get into this do not do so just as a way of making money but also as a way to make their money work harder for them. Of course trading on margin shouldn’t be undertaken without people doing a lot of research first.

How a Black Box Trading Plan Can Ruin Your Profits

You won’t earn much if you don’t use a trading plan. This is the one key that can make or break you as a trader. In a lot of cases though, there are still many traders that end up with little to brag about even if they do follow plans. There can be several reasons for this, some of which involve mistaken beliefs.

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