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Trading Psychology – Two Tips in Using the Post-Trade Assessment to Improve Your Trading

Once sorted, identify the characteristics winning trades had in common. Were winners taken under certain market conditions or indications? How did you feel about them? Also, note the characteristics of losing trades. Under what conditions were these trades taken? Were they unplanned? Did they break your trading rules? What was your mind-set?

Most Powerful Stock Day Trading Software to Multiply Your Profit Earning!

Stock Day Trading Software is designed to analyze and identify the outstanding and potential stocks that are profitable to the traders. One does not need to spend days and nights to do this tedious work with the help of trading software.

Trend Trading Strategy Called “Walking a Mile With the Crowd”

Trend trading is often considered to be the safest and easiest way of trading. A trend is formed when the prices start to move upward or downward in a steady fashion. Once a trend has been established, it is very easy to identify it on charts when you see a steady upward or downward bias in prices. A trend may last from a few weeks to months.

How Does the Relative Strength Indicator Function?

Originally published by Welles Wilder in 1978, the RSI is a gem when used properly. Not particularly good as a primary indicator, it shine to confirm trades and exit trades.

Option Trading Strategies – What Should You Know Before You Start Trading?

This article looks at the potential advantages and disadvantages of using options. Understanding these are crucial for investors and present a factor to investors in formulating their option trading strategies.

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