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Fibonacci Support, Resistance, & the Power of Confluence

Leonardo Pisano, better known by his nickname Fibonacci, published Liber abaci in 1202 in which he posed the following problem… Many technicians use the Fibonacci numbers when trying to determine support and resistance… My approach is different in that…

How to Enter and Scale Out of an ES Emini Trade

Instead of using market orders to enter your ES Emini trades consider a different entry strategy and scaling out of your trades. You can lower your risk a bit and add money to your bottom line by avoiding market orders.

UMOO Financial Entertainment

UMOO is an enjoyable way to trade the financial markets especially if you are interested in fantasy trading as opposed to investing. Contestants choose to compete in fantasy trading games against other players or the financial market on UMOO for cash rewards.

Binary Options – Getting in to the Swing of Crude Binary Options

Oil is a highly volatile, yet exciting commodity to trade. The opportunities are great but so are the risks. With binary options/digital options, you can take advantage of the high returns oil trading can bring and control your risk levels at the same time. Oil was the first form of energy to be widely traded on regulated commodities exchanges, where it is bought and sold in standardized contracts. It is also one of the most popular commodities for binary options trading via digital options platforms. With a simple online binary options account, you can call or put binary options on the price of a barrel of Light Crude Oil on the NYMEX future exchange.

Time to Set Goals

Without goals it can become difficult to see the wood from the trees. Let me share one of my goals with you all and then I will show you as Traders how we can set goals using a simple model which I learnt during my education in becoming a Management Accountant.

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