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Great Day Trading Markets

So what are the best day trading markets? You should know that the futures markets are setup for speculating while the stock markets are set up for investing. Short term traders are always speculators. However, there may be more opportunities in the stock markets because there are more stocks as compared to futures contracts. You can also day trade forex. Currency markets are huge. Unlike stock markets, currency markets are open 24/5. The E-mini markets are electronic with fast fills which is ideal for day traders. E-minis can be traded with smaller…

Options Trading For Beginners – PUT Options Explained For Laymen

Some individuals look on stock options as complicated. This article explains Basic Put Options in layman’s terms.

ES Emini Day Trading – Are You Serious About Trading Or Just Going Through the Motions?

The the ES Emini Contract requires a high level of concentration and training to trade with the kind of success to assure a predictable, full-time income, and with failure rate for novice traders in the high 70% range, I have to assume that something is terribly wrong with the method we, as traders, are educating new traders to participate in market. This statistic has been bothering me for quite a while, and it does not speak well for the trading education community…

Day Trading Secret – How to Earn in Day Trading

Anyone can earn in day trading if he has a well planned strategy and strong determination to follow the discipline. A stock traded in stock market definitely will register at these 4 critical prices: opening price, intraday high price, intraday low price and the closing price. By paying attention to these few critical price points, day trader is able to earn in stock market by trading actively.

ES Emini Day Trading – Are You Confident in Your Trading Or Do You Trade and Hope For the Best?

There was a time in my life when I would spot a so-so set-up, take it, and hope for a profitable outcome. I was young, just learning to trade on Wall Street, and incompetent. If you are like most people you know the feeling of being unsure as to the direction of the trade you have chosen. More importantly, you hope that you have chosen the right direction in your trade and desperately fear that computer tone that indicates you have been stopped out, in the wrong direction.

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