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Picking Profitable Penny Stocks – 3 Basic Fundamental Tips to Pick Money Makers

Penny stocks are a high risk but certainly high reward investment. When you pick a winner and the shares begin moving,  gains can increase  hundreds of percentage points. Of course you can lose as well.

My Day Trading Strategy

My trading strategy is for directing me to find the right stocks each day; to perform proper due diligence analysis; to look for the best potential stocks for trading which have relatively smaller risk and greater reward; to decide on the size of entry position so as to know my maximize potential risk; and to determine where I should enter and exit a stock in order to minimize my loss when my initial prediction of stock direction is wrong and to maximize my profit when my initial prediction of stock trend is right. Take a look at…

Automated Forex Trading Software

Forex trading is one of the best part time activities one can do to increase their income. But one must understand the importance of Forex trading software to make things easier.

Binary Bets/Binary Options Versus Spreadbetting and Futures Trading

Those who trade the financial markets are becoming more aware of the advantages of binary bets/binary options which come from the financial fixed odds family of products. These products provide an excellent alternative to more familiar and more risky products like spread betting and futures. Firstly, Binary bets as they are known in the UK and Binary Options as they are known in the United States require a much smaller account size to start with.

Forex Trading and The Benefits of a Demo Account

For anyone thinking of trading forex for a living, it is important to learn the basics right from the beginning. A good way to start out is to use the demo account facility that is provided by most of the larger online brokers.

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