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Using Spread Betting Systems to Catch the Big Winning Trades

Recently, one of the world’s top traders, Stanley Druckenmiller, announced his retirement from fund management due to his frustration at not being able to generate the usual returns that he normally produces. One of the factors that have negatively impacted his performance this year is that, by his own admission, he missed the move in treasuries. This does highlight a very important lesson for traders and that is that you must have a trading system, or in our case, spread betting system with specific trading rules and the discipline to follow it consistently.

Day Trading Shares Via Spread Betting Or Investing For the Long Term?

Just thought I would like to mention a few things on this selling shares stuff; if you’re day trading or spread betting on the stock markets, then of course it is okay to sell if you’re in profit. The only drawback with selling, is finding a good point to get back in. You might make a few good calls, and think you’ve cracked this trading thing, but (always a but), eventually your capital will be eaten away with bad calls, or else you think, blimey, wish I had not sold now!

What Do You Need to Know About Online Share Trading?

The Indian stock trading is one of the greatest and major stock trading markets throughout the Asian countries. Now the stock trading has been much more easy and lucid than its previous form.

Day Trading Strategy – Not So Much Difficult As Different

Day trading is often said to be a difficult or even impossible way of making money out of financial markets. The detractors often claim that unpredictable market movements during the fast intra-day timeframes make it nearly impossible to find a reliable day trading strategy, and that short timeframes are too fast to trade on, so that there is little time to analyse the market and form a well-considered plan of action. They also typically quote the supposed high number of investors who fail to make money and who either later quit or move on to other kinds of trading.

Online Share Trading Quick Return From Indian Stock Trading

There are lots of strategies available for doing online share trading in Indian stock trading. Some of investors can go for long-term investment i.e. they invest in stock for years and then will forget it. Few traders go for short-term investment to generate many returns.

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