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Why It is Not a Good Idea to Trade In – Order to Pay Your Monthly Bills

Trading to pay your monthly bills or trading using money you cannot manage to lose can be one of the biggest mistakes new traders can make. If you do that you set your trading career to failure before it even start. The saying do not count your chicken before they are been hatched cannot be further from the truth when coming to trading to pay your bills.

Still Looking For That Perfect Indicator? Stop That Right Now If You Ever Want to Be Successful

Indicators are a waste of time. If you want to trade like a professional you need to get rid of them.

5 Pro Trading Secrets That You Need to Know

You should make a checklist to help you execute a trade. A trend may appear different on different timeframes. Always check that your daily charts are in agreement with the long term trends. Use multiple timeframes to figure out the primary trend in the market.

Day Trading Stress Management – Why Trading is Like Sport

I’m not just a hopeless sports lover trying to make some tenuous link between trading and sports. There is a connection and perhaps a different way to think about the markets. Ok so its a bit of an excuse, but there are some valuable sporting lessons that we can apply to our trading. I’ve just been watching an endurance motor sport event. But you translate this from any spot that you choose.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Only For Those Who Want to Be Profitable Traders

It may seem ridiculous to assume that anyone wouldn’t want to be a profitable trader. But I’m really not so sure. In fact I’m convinced most new traders don’t want to make money at all

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