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Factors That Impact the Financial Market Trends

• International and Domestic Issues: Very recently we saw what a threat of Syrian war did to the markets in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Americas. Oil prices swung upwards and equities downward. War, large scale corporate fraud, political unrest, acts of terrorism (specially in financial capitals), public fear for any reason, oil and energy prices, US federal interest rates, introduction or withdrawal of market stimulus, international trade, unemployment, supply and demand issues and other similar factors can affect market prices to various degrees. In times to come international issues will exert a greater impact on local markets.

Social Investing: The New Face of Retail Investment

The surge of social media has suddenly made it possible for novice traders to tap into the knowledge capital of the more experienced traders. This kind of knowledge sharing among the investing community brings in an overall maturity of the market. This way the market in turn behaves lore responsibly.

Facts About Forex Robots – What You Need To Know

Robots are artificial intelligence machines designed to do human tasks more efficiently. This technology has been adopted in Forex trading system design known as Forex Robots. This article presents true facts and revelations of what they truly are and what you should know about them.

Why Even Bother With a Written E-Mini Trading Plan?

Many of the students I talk with have been through several e-mini trading education programs. I generally ask them about their trading style, and whether or not they have a written e-mini trading plan. The answer to this question is universally “no.”

Binary Options Calculator

With the growing trend of online trading, more and more people today are conducting their investment activities via web-based trading sites and applications. The tools and resources available on the internet for trading purposes are making investing an easy and convenient affair to manage. One such tool that is highly in demand these days is the binary options calculator.

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