Platform Compressions Are Ideal Entries for Swing and Momentum Traders

Platform compressions are ideal entries for swing and momentum traders, and identifying these compression patterns early is most important. Instead of attempting to trade the small runs in a platform, wait for the compression pattern and enter before the stock runs or gaps with momentum.

Forex Binary Options Brokers

The forex market can be perhaps termed as most volatile of markets in terms of price action. And for the traders it can be considered as the most liquid. One of the least risky forms of trading compared to traditional forex trading is forex binary options.

The Truth About Binary Option Trading

As someone that knew very little about stock markets and day trading, I fell into a trap that cost me a lot of time and money and I want to share that with you, so that you and others don’t fall into the same trap. I will reveal the truth about Binary Option Trading and how it is NOT a legitimate form of trading.

Forex Marketing Plan – Forex By The Numbers

Having a forex broker is just like you having a complete forex marketing plan. Even a tough business like trading, many day traders will have an discipline trading plan to abide by to survive in the market. Learning the great skills of brokers can help you leverage the critical difference of being a net winning trader, or a net losing trader. It is good to use your employ-ability skills to get a real training course with Forex marketing. Here are two aspects of experienced Forex trading that have to do with creating a Forex trading plan.

E-Mini Trading: Do You Keep Track of Each Day’s Economic Events?

It’s not unusual to hear traders complain that the market spiked them out of their trade without warning. Random spikes in the market do occur from time to time without reason; but generally these rapid rises or falls in the market are caused by market announcements. As an e-mini trader, it is imperative that you are aware of what and when economic reports are going to be released.

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