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Option Trading Explained – In Layman’s Terms

Option trading often seems like a form of investment that is for the rich and professional but it is, in fact, an incredibly versatile way of investing your money. It is gaining in popularity, with traders of all experience levels taking an interest and discussing such things as credit spreads and covered calls.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – 10 Tips to Manage Your Trading When You Are Having a Bad Run

We all enter day trading for the profits promised in the seminars, right? But what do you do when your trading takes a turn for the worse. It is critical that you manage this phase of your trading, because if you don’t your trading career will be short lived.

Learning Day Trading Rules and Basic Strategy is a Must Do Successful Day Trading Secret Tip

Day trading certainly can be provide lucrative income stream for you, however a tip is that this is a job that you must prepare for and perform to the best of your abilities every single day. There is no great secret, just learn the knowledge, resources and disciplined habits you will need to be one of the very successful day traders.

5 Reasons to Trade Options

A lot of people feel options trading is either too complex or too risky to get involved in. The reality is nothing can be further from the truth. In this article, I’ll briefly highlight my 5 biggest reasons why you should get experienced in options trading and how it can contribute to your financial independence and versatility as a trader.

The Risks of Trading Vs Investing

The risks associated with trading are different to those associated with investing. The higher the number of trades, the higher costs you will be paying. You need to account for these costs in order to be successful as a short-term trader.

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