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Trading For a Bounce

In this article we are going to look at what a trader might do on the Australian Market following a big overnight fall in the US market. Another great way to make money on the markets.

Day Trading Penny Stocks – How to Select the Best Online Broker

Trading today is very different compared to the trading that took place about 5-10 years ago. Access to quick online trade execution, which was a luxury about a decade ago has become a standard amongst most brokers today. Read on for more…

Tips For Choosing Stock Trading Software

Stock trading software is becoming more readily available to citizens of the world. Someone getting ready to dive into the stock market should be prepared with stock software that they can trust.

Profitable Trading – A 70% Win Ratio Is Achievable and Extremely Profitable

Sure you can be a profitable trader with only a 40% win rate, but a 70% win rate is much safer. The key is careful analysis of the market, and careful stop and profit target placement. Regardless of how good your plan is, you will also have to have control your greed and fear, and trade your plan. If you do reach a consistent 70% win ration you can consider yourself at, or close to the top of the game.

Contract Considerations For Day Trading the ES Emini

The ES emini is a widely popular trading instrument on the CME Globex exchange. This contract needs to be fully understand, and I explain the monetary and trading basis for the contract. Finally we take a look at the margin requirement.

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