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Contracts For Difference Or CFDs For Newbies – The Basics Explained

Every new financial product takes time to learn and the great thing about Contracts for Difference or CFDs is that they are dead easy. If you’ve ever trading stocks or you understand how they work you’ll find CFDs are a breeze. This article goes through the ‘CFDs for Newbies’ and steps right back to the basics. Once you’ve had a quick read of this you’ll be well on your way to understand this exciting trading instrument.

Can I Lose More Than My Account When Trading CFDs?

Excitng as it may seem, Contracts for Difference or CFD trading is a double edged sword with the opportunity for large gains and the chance to lose large amounts of money. As a trader you need to have your wits about you and position sizing will be critical to your long term success. Here we’ll take a look at how much you might be able to lose when trading CFDs.

The Nicholas Darvas Story Exposed

Two trading experts discuss the Nicholas Darvas story. Nicholas Darvas didn’t want to look ignorant when talking to his brokers, so he didn’t ask questions when he didn’t understand. Always seek understanding and your trading profits will begin to grow.

Myth Busting – Trading Takes All Day Long

I like to keep my trading day to about an hour or possibly two. In fact, my most profitable days index trading have been when I only traded for about thirty minutes. Let’s look at the reasons why this myth (that trading takes all day) has been spread.

Risk to Reward Ratios

I’ve never been a big fan of Risk-To-Reward ratios. Here is something that works better.

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