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Now That Forex Trading Is Made Easy

In the beginning, when forex had not reached most of its audience, traders made huge profits daily. But, when forex established itself as one of the formidable online market, many people started jumping into forex trading without knowing the basics. This is what caused many people to say that the probability of success for a forex trader is always near the zero mark meaning that most of the traders end up losing all their money.

Day Trading Tips – Tips Every Day Trader Should Know

You need you know these tips, but you need to also know how to implement them. You can get hundreds of tips, but if you do not have the mindset to implement them, or do not know when to apply them, then they are good for nothing.

Format For Trading – Your Comprehensive Guide to Master Loss Position – Part 2

You can follow your trading rules and still get hurt. One way is to take on so many positions that even with close stops, if most or all of the positions went against you, you could lose more than 10% of your trading capital in one day.

Simple Investing With the Digital Option

The digital option provides all of the things I look for in an investment. Simplicity, short term gains, and great returns.

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