LIVE Forex Trading: Analysis & Trade Ideas w/ TraderNick

Understanding Trading Psychology

What makes a good and a bad trader? Usually it all boils down to their trading experience, but most of all, it’s how effective a trader’s intuition is when it comes to making the right trading decisions. This article shows you a basic understanding of trading psychology and its importance.

Tips to Start Intraday Trading

In this article I tried to give tips and guide people who are planning to start day trading keeping in view Indian Stock Markets. This article explains in brief the personality traits of intraday traders and tips to choose brokerage, market and shares they are planning to trade. It also differentiates traders from investors.

What Are Support and Resistance?

Support and resistance the two terms which keep the most potential place in the field of technical analysis. These two are very common among analyst (or for those who are experienced enough in Stock trading) but are regarded as a complex subject for those who are just learning to trade.

Penny Stock Shams EXPOSED – Stock Dilution – The “How to Avoid Em” Series Pt 1

This is the first among many penny stock scams that I will review. Basically, stock dilution is significant decrease in share value resulting from incessant issuance of new shares, for no valid or clear reason.

Financial Spread Betting Advantages

On Tuesday of this week we had to endure another budget in the UK. It was the first one from the coalition government and it was an emergency one. One of the key things in there for investors and traders was the increase in capital gains tax.

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