LIVE Forex Trading: Analysis & Trade Ideas w/ TraderNick

Day Trading Commodities

Investors who are called as day traders are people who sit at computer terminals constantly monitoring stock prices for opportunities to earn profit. They are also stock owners for short periods of time even for less than 24 hours.

Is the Spread Betting Industry a Bubble Waiting to Burst?

Fifteen years ago there were only two spread betting providers and today now there are some 15 different providers. Is the Spread Betting Industry a Bubble waiting to Burst?

12 Tips For Improving Your Spread Betting – Trader’s Guide

I’ve had some great early gains with my spreadbets making a lot more than my initial capital and thought financial spread betting on the stock market was easy. Not so however and soon I ended up losing my initial profits; and had to top up to maintain my capital.

An Introduction to Currency Option Trading

Trading a currency option is another way to create earning opportunities. It allows you to trade in whatever amount and whatever cost you desire. This sounds high risk but the potential of earning huge amount of money is likewise high.

Options Trading – Your Needs Vs Your Wants

A career in options trading can be one of the most rewarding or frustrating experiences ever. Those who succeed are those who are able to really look within themselves and pin point their needs versus their wants.

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