LIVE Forex Trading: Analysis & Trade Ideas w/ TraderNick

Why Using Technical Analysis to Trade May Not Be the Smartest Choice

If you’re a day trader you shouldn’t just rely on chartists technical analysis for trading. So many CFD traders use too many complex technical indicators these days that I believe most seem to have lost their way and don’t understand that the biggest indicator of them all is simple price action.

Binary Options Trading – What is it All About?

One of the fastest growing forms of online stocks trading today is binary options. It is a trading vehicle wherein traders are expected to bid whether a particular asset will go up or down within a specified length of time. Usually, trading stocks lapse in an hour or within one whole day while others can be as long as 1 month.

Day Trading – Merits and Demerits

The usual goal of a day trader is to actually be able to capitalize on the price movements within just one trading day. A day trader, unlike the different investors, holds positions for only a few seconds to minutes and it never extends overnight. Here are some of the merits and demerits of day trading.

Top Stock Trader Mistakes

Over the years I have come to understand that it is very important to have guidelines and rules when it comes to trading. The following rules are some of the ones I personally follow. I hope these rules allow you to see how important it is to be disciplined when it comes to trading. These items are in no specific order and each of them deserve special attention.

Trader’s Round Table – A Breathing Meditation Script

The following descriptive phrases can be read in succession, one at a time, in a stream of consciousness, to help you generate the feelings of calm this that are instrumental in improving your trading success. These phrases should be read at a comfortable place, while you were in a comfortable position and prepared to relax. when you are ready, begin:

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