LIVE Forex Trading: Analysis & Trade Ideas w/ TraderNick

Traders Roundtable – Do I Need to Have a Directional Bias to Be a Successful Day Trader?

Should I have a long or a short bias when I’m trading intraday? How do we determine which way the market is likely to go? Do I have to have an opinion one way or the other?

When Trading Becomes Gambling

There are many similarities and some differences between trading and gambling. But, the real problem starts when people put this whole gambling tag on the entire stock market and completely avoid pooling their resources in the market.

Live Forex Day Trading Education

Day trading education comes in many forms and varieties and from a wide array of sources. However, one aspect that is necessary for any form of day trading education to be effective is that it takes place in a live forex trading room, in real-time market conditions.

How Effective is Online Day Trading?

Online day trading still remains one of the potent ways to reap profits in stock market today despite the unpredictable nature of the market and against all emotional odds. It has been observed that day trading online has several potentials that can make your investment grow and is also very much capable of changing your entire mentality towards the market in general terms.

How to Become Efficient in Day Trading

Day trading is something which you can never rely on. But if you have appropriate information about it you can have success at your feet. If you spend a lot of time learning about a company you will definitely know about all its strategies and the way it works. And it is here that you start your share of profits.

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