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Stock Market – Trading Rules

Some food for thought on trading rules. Theses are my personal trading rules that aid you on your trading. If you spend some time to understand the concept behind each trading rule this will improve your trading skills and take you to the next level.

The Trading Psychology Secret the Professionals Don’t Tell You

So you’re still barely able to tread-water in your trading account, and you reckon it could be your ‘trading psychology’? Well we’re going to tell you in this article that trading psychology is nonsense; profitable trading comes not from what’s in YOUR mind – but from what’s in the mind of OTHERS.

Prepare a List of Penny Stocks to Watch and Buy Now

Careful preparation of a list of penny stocks from a select few that is currently dynamic, having plenty of potential to remain hot for quite sometime, is the only way in which you as an investor can remain focused to succeed in a highly volatile market, yet far too lucrative to be ignored for you to explore solo, if you are seeking to build a fortune in short span. So go ahead and learn how you would go about with this important task if you wish to make a mark in your career as a penny stock investor cum day trader.

Day Trading Rules – Remove Emotion From Your Trading

The extreme complexity of online charting packages and trading tools would have you believe that there has to be a lot of thought taking place in the trading business. The fact is that these tools are used for planning the trade and the whole trading plan, but when the trader places the order there is no more judgment on the markets. It is all down to your day trading rules.

Scalp Trading and Its Strategies

When it comes to scalp trading, day traders try to make use of the short term trading opportunities. Traders gave to enter and exit within a minute or so and they can develop confidence gradually and trade without fear when they are at it consistently.

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