LIVE Forex Trading: Analysis & Trade Ideas w/ TraderNick

Three Traits of a Successful Day Trader

While there are many characteristics that contribute to a day trader’s success, I describe three characteristics which I believe are the replaceable. All the great traders seem to possess these characteristics. I give you my take on what it takes to be a great trader.

What is the Starting Point in Learning to Day Trade?

So you have decided you would like to give day trading a try? How do you dance through the minefield of low quality courses versus high quality courses? Should you use a mentor? I give my take on leveraging yourself and resources to come up with a learning game plan.

Should You Trade Every Day?

There are days that can be highly profitable in the e-mini market, and there are days when you should find something better to do. I elaborate on the criteria I use to determine which days provide a risk profile that is favorable to profitable trading, and which days are potentially disastrous.

Day Trading – Managing Risk

Are you making money trading the stock market? If you do not, there are few things you should know to start making money. Are you an amateur day trader or an experienced trader? If you still have some resources left you can recover what you have lost, just by following certain rules.

What is the Best Time Frame to Trade?

Best time frame for day trading is dependent on your personal style. For you to understand yourself it is necessary to….

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