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Technical Analysis Training – Will the Trend Continue Or Will it Stop? Part II

In Part I of our technical analysis training series on ”Will the trend Continue or will it stop?” we talked about the need for two kinds of tools to measure the strength of a trend, which will help you assess if the trend will continue or if it will stop. The first tool was the proper setting of targets according to the higher time period market structure of support and resistance.

Day Trading E Minis and the Benefits – Why We Trade Them

You have the ability to make as much money as your experience allows you to. That is, these markets have a huge amount of money going through them.

Day Trade E Mini Futures – The Best Way to Learn How

The hardest thing about learning to day-trade is the mindset associated with winning and losing money. No system, no matter how good it is will produce 100% winning trades. So learning to deal with this emotional roller coaster is vital.

A CFD Strategy to Take Home to Mum

While CFDs are not usually considered a safe investment for your mother, one of the CFD Traders following the Nasdaq strategy is suggesting it to his Mum! To trade CFDs successfully you need just three things: a profitable strategy to follow, sound risk management and; the discipline to follow the strategy.

Day Trading Psychology – Do You Have a Abundant Mentality Or a Scarcity Mentality?

Your beliefs towards money are intricate towards your ability to make it. Do you have an abundance mentality or a scarcity one? Both Anthony Robbins and the movie “The Secret” express the importance of your beliefs and how they create your reality.

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