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Discretionary Price Action Trading!

Today i wanted to cover the topic of discretionary price action trading, what it is, what it isn’t and most importantly why you should be using it. As most will have heard or know from experience most indicators are lagging indicators, lagging indicators use previous price behaviour to paint a more visual image of what the market has already done.

CFD Trading – How CFDs Are Being Used by Day Traders

Many day traders in various markets are beginning to use CFDs, or contract for difference trading. These types of contracts allow investors to get a leg up on certain markets when they can make accurate predictions of prices in either short or long positions. CFD trading started around the 1990s in England, and was based on equity swaps. CFDs were originally not taxed, which was an added benefit.

How Nifty Analysis Helps Understand Future Market Trends in the Indian Stock Market

Nifty and Sensex are two major Indian stock market indices, day to day performance of which every Indian investors must be looking closely at. Not getting surprised they are trend setters and every technical analyst will look for Nifty and Sensex trend first before looking at every other Indian sectoral indices and individual stocks.

The Dark Side of Iron Condors

One of the many strategies which intrigue novice options traders is the Iron Condor. The term itself sounds exotic, and begs you to research the strategy a bit more. I must admit that upon hearing this term used for the first time, I was more than a bit curious.

How to Review Online Trading Companies

If you are interested in investing, but you do not want to utilize the services of a professional money manager, you may want to look into online trading. If you trade online, you can invest into all of the stocks you are interested in, but you do not have to pay the exorbitant fees that are often associated with the services of money managers.

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