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E-Mini Trading Tools – Develop The Basics

Would you expect someone who has never swung a golf club to one day decide he or she wants to play and the first time out on the course beat Tiger Woods? No of course not. Tiger Woods is a professional and someone who has been doing it all his life. The person doesn’t stand a chance. Why then does this logic go out the window when people talk about trading? Trading is a skill and it is done in a competitive environment, the financial markets. Why then do people expect amateurs to be able to compete with professionals?

Are DMA CFDs Cheaper to Trade Than the Market Made Variety?

There is a common misconception in the CFD industry that commission rates on DMA CFDs are higher than on their Market Made cousins. In this article we will dispel this myth and help you understand the differences between Direct Market Access (DMA) and Market Made CFDs and why this is a common misconception amongst traders and investors. If you are a CFD trader you will probably already know that there are two types of CFDs, DMA and Market Made, the primary difference being that when trading with a DMA CFD provider your orders flow directly into the underlying market…

Trading Psychology – The Universal Law of Trading Confidence

Confidence in trading is sought by every traders, though few find it. Do you know where to find true trading confidence? This article explains not only where to look for it, but how to become a confident trader.

Trading Psychology – 5 Ways Trading Goals Make You A Better Trader

Goals are an excellent way to become a better trader. Unfortunately, too few traders have trading goals; they think it is too much effort and just don’t bother. Reading this article on the ways goals can help you to become a much better trader may change this misguided mindset.

CFDs, Greed and Trading Psychology

If you have £10,000 and open a CFD account you will be in a position to place trades worth between £40,000 and £100,000 in underlying equivalent equity. This is because margin requirements of between 10-25% are in effect on most London Stock exchange listed shares. Greedy people do this and use their maximum margin allowance.

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