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Useful Tips on Option Trading

Can options trading be a gamble? Often it is for certain people who get the same level of excitement and adrenalin rush from the speculative market as in the case of any gamble. Sadly these people tend to lose more than they make due to their lack of knowledge of option strategies.

Common Questions About ETFs

This article help answer common and simple frequently asked questions about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are complex yet simple to understand. Don’t be afraid to get educated on how they work. 28% of the activity on the NYSE flow through ETFs.

How to Get Started in Day Trading in the New Obama Era

Day trading can be very profitable once a trader knows what he or she is doing. However the flip side to the scenario is that it can also be a risky proposition if proper management techniques and knowledge is not applied.

Technical Analysis and Day Trading For Indian Stocks Traded on BSE, NSE and Indices Nifty and Sensex

Importance of technical analysis in volatile stock market. Importance of technical calls over stock tips. Calculated risk of trading in equities. Controlled losses are better than uncontrolled melt down.

How to Trade the NYSE Ticks

The NYSE Ticks are data used to illustrate the relationship between the aggregate number of rising stocks vs the number of falling stocks. This data, when filtered, can give you some of the best trading info from which to initiate buys and sells.

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