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Make a Living Day Trading – Why Day Trading is Getting So Popular Part 2

Day Trading is entering the market, making quick trades and exiting the market, sometimes several times in a day. And usually ending your trading, or selling of your stocks or position by the close of the bell.

Make a Living Day Trading – Why Day Trading is Getting So Popular Part 1

Imagine Waking up in the morning at about nine o’clock, walking to your kitchen, grabbing a cup of tea and something to eat, walk to your computer desk, no rush-hour traffic, no boss breathing down your neck, no office politics. You haven’t even changed your nighttime bed clothes, you switch on your computer, and by the end of the day you could make more money than most people make in three months. How many of us would like a job like that?

ES Emini Day Trading – The Perfect Day Job

Much has changed, and now day trading the ES Emini is within the reach of anyone with a computer. With some training, it is possible to earn an impressive living trading from your home.

How Should a Day Trader Plan His Day?

You are probably working hard already, but are you making consistent losses? Is your day trading strategy causing you more problems than helping you? If so, you need to work smarter, not harder. Let me show you how to plan your day in order to become the best day trader you can be.

Habits of a Successful Trader – Fit Your Trading System to Your Personality

It seems like every year some new trading fad hits the market. From day trading to currency trading to precious metals to technical analysis there’s always some hot system being touted as the next big thing for investors.

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