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CFDs Suck, Or Do They?

Many novice traders blame CFDs for their losses and even may say “CFDs suck”. Losing money can trigger an emotional response and novice traders may blame someone else for losing money. But it is not Contracts for Difference (CFDs) that are responsible for the losses, it ultimately comes back to the trader. It is essential to take responsibility for your trading and decide when how and what you are going to trade.

High Probability Trading With CFDs

Many traders are seeking high probability trading strategies for trading CFDs. The attraction of these strategies is obvious as the more often a strategy is correct, the easier it is to trade.

Learn More and Earn More by Reading CFD Books

There is a varied selection of CFD Books available on the market today. Most of these books have been written in Australia by Australian Traders and the authors share their market knowledge with the reader openly.

Are Reported Hedge Fund Returns Reliable?

This article will review some of the measurement problems with hedge fund performance. It concludes that statistical phenomena such as backfill and survivorship bias tend to overstate the reported performance of hedge fund indices.

How to Master Candlestick Investing

Candlestick investing is the leading practice for generating trading decisions in any kind of market. If you’re looking at this particular document it is very likely you are brand new to utilizing these patterns for trading so listen closely because this is extremely critical.

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