Live Forex Trading: Important Lesson on AUD/CHF… (How did I Do?)

Exercising an in the Money Stock Option

I have the right to buy 1000 XZY shares at $10.00 before the contract expires at the end of the month. The contract is currently in the money which means the CALL option contract is worth more than the purchase price of $0.50c (as the share price goes up so does the option premium).

Why Money Management is Important in Trading

Once traders enter a trade, they rely on their emotions to make their trading decisions and miss the essential element of winning, the management of their emotions. Their lacking of managing themselves leads to poor money management of their trading portfolios.

The Forex Monster – Getting Started

There has been an amazing interest recently in the new Forex robot The Trading Monster. A lot of first time Foreign Exchange investors are now using this tool. Setting up The Forex Monster is quite easy for those who have dabbled in the past but there are a few things a beginner should know.

Non Directional Trading Formula – Wall Street

Non directional trading formula is a very essential factor for the success of businesses who engage in currency trading. Basically it serves to teach the investors and traders on how to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the different situations found in the business environment. Non directional form of investment guides the people involved on how to put their money in a dynamic form of investment.

So the Ad Says You Too Can Day Trade For a Living – If Only!

Is it possible to day trade for a living? Of course, most people out there who have something to sell to you will point to the instances where a small number of highly skilled stock traders have been able to make a tremendous amount of money from the financial markets through day trading.

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