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Here’s How to Trade Options in 5 Steps

So you want to know how to trade options? Well get excited – because is easier than you think. Here I have simplified the process into five easy steps. If you simply follow these steps and don’t over-complicate the process, then you’ll be well on your way to trading options in no time!

Emini Trading – Is Discretionary Emini Day Trading Right For You?

Interested in day trading emini futures, but just don’t know whether you should try a discretionary or mechanical approach? We think that the former is the way to go for a small-time emini day trader.

Options Trading Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Option trading is another category for trading. This is similar to other forms of trading mediums; more closely to stocks. The only difference here is that options are represented as bonds which are a specified amount of stocks. These bonds can be bought and sold, or traded only for a specified time, though there are no obligations imposed.

Lester Wants to Day Trade

A few years ago my brother, Lester, quit his job as an assistant vice principal of our local high school to become a day trader. I truly believed he had lost his mind at the time or maybe it was a mid-life crisis, but he still went ahead with his plan to get involved with stock day trading.

Efficient Market Theory’s Demise – Where Do We Go From Here?

Efficient market theory has long been the theory “de jour” at the academic level, but has found real scrutiny at the implementation level. Has Efficient Market Theory caused the bubbles and economic chaos in recent years?

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