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Binary Option Trade With Call and Put – Hedge Risk While Retaining High Return Potential

A carefully executed binary option trade with a call and put can substantially mitigate the risks associated with these high flying, fast paced contracts, and traders stand to benefit from this strategy in this rapidly expanding market. Like most hedging related strategies, a well placed binary option trade with call and put positions can have a dramatic impact on the risk reward profile of your net holding.

Understanding the Market Dynamics Through Support and Resistance Point

Dramatic market action that is common at tops and bottoms is known as blow offs and selling climaxes. Blow offs occur at the top; they usually occur after prices have moved higher over an extended period of time. At the end of the upward moves, prices rally sharply accompanied by a large increase in volume. Typically, all of those that were going to buy at this level have done so. Profit taking occurs and prices reverse, often suddenly, to the downside.

A Complete Guide to Picking Out Best and Most Profitable Day Trades Programs

Day trades programs have been making a lot of inexperienced and busy traders a lot of money in the years since they became available to the average trader. Unfortunately, like with most other products, with the success of this technology a number of publishers have released sham products out there hoping just to capitalize on its success and make a buck. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at day trades programs so that you can find and pick out the most profitable program available.

Day Trading Robot – Is it For You?

Day Trading Robot for those who are unfamiliar with it is a day trade program which delivers you winning stock picks so that you can trade accordingly and safely to make a profit in this market. With so many contradictory reviews and accounts of this program from those who have used it, I decided that I should test it myself to separate the fact from fiction, so here is my Day Trading Robot review.

Options Trading and Risk

Is options trading risky? This has become an increasingly popular question especially when many options traders lost a fortune in the recent financial crisis.

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