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Trading Psychology – Can You Learn Mental Secrets From Elite Athletes Essential For Trading?

Top athletes often play crucial matches at less than their best. Somehow, they seem able to turn a lackluster performance into a win. Traders having a no-so-good day in the markets can apply the same mental skills as elite athletes for a winning day. This article explains how.

How to Find Right Day Trading Strategy

Finding the right day trading strategy is about matching up the trader’s personality and strengths with the techniques used in the field. Doing so can help increase a trader’s success rate.

Building Yourself a Winning Portfolio

A very important aspect of trading is position building. The norm typically, especially among those considered retail or amateur traders, is to put on a full position right out of the gates. Another theory is to buy in with a half or quarter position, see if the stock pulls back any further, and then add a little more to the position, and if drops even further to add more, with the reasoning that by doing so you are lowering your cost basis.

Make Money – Day Trading Robot

A day trading robot is software that predicts market trends and helps investors buy and sell securities. It is considered as a good way of making money of the stock market and it can be used by most anybody.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Forex Robot For Your Forex Business

If you are in a business, you don’t just bring someone without any credibility to manage your business for you except you are a friend of business disasters (heavy losses). The same applies to the forex business. Before choosing a forex robot, there are some factors you must consider to ensure you don’t get scammed but instead get the best forex software available out there and in turn maximize your profits.

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