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How to Avoid Getting Killed

Some simple rules to use when trading to avoid getting killed by the market. Those who do not adhere to a set of rules tend to lose money over and over.

Finding Good Trading Ideas Through Research and Tools

There are thousands of tools for finding investing and trading ideas all over the web. There are a few key things you need to figure out before you use any of them.

Trading Psychology – Doubt

Trading is hard. You have many lessons to learn, and it takes a lot longer than most of us expect. It’s not enough to just develop a positive expectancy system. You need to also learn the lessons of risk management, money management, and overcoming the many challenges of a negative trading psychology. It’s natural that at times we will start to doubt ourselves and our ability to trade. We doubt our ability to meet this challenge. So what’s the solution?

Dealing With Market Uncertainty

The nature of the markets is uncertainty. When you enter a trade, no matter how skilled you are at analysis, there is no certainty in outcome. So how do we, as technical analysts, attempt to work within the uncertainty of price action?

The Hidden Secret of Technical Analysis

Did you know that there is a whole ‘other world’ of technical analysis that most novice traders are either totally ignorant of, or fear to go due to the fact that it might actually require some work? Well, there is! And I’d suggest that if most novices fear to go there, then perhaps it might be worth some investigation

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