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Trading Psychology – Why Following the Experts Harms Our Trading Psychology

Although we all like to be right and may believe that others must know more than we do, when it comes to trading the markets, this is just not true. When we listen to experts we are affecting our own trading psychology in negative ways. This article explains why this is so.

Characteristics Needed For Successful ETF Trend Trading

ETF Trend Trading & Investing can be an intimidating process. Many of us would prefer to leave the “heavy lifting” to someone we perceive as a professional and check in occasionally to see how we are doing. This article will show you a better way to ENSURE that you make a serious profit. Click here to Read on…

Day Trading For a Living – Gain Your Financial Freedom Now

For many people, day trading for a living seems like an impossible dream that they simply cannot achieve. I feel very sorry for these people because not only is day trading for a living very achievable, it is not that hard to do at all. Making enough money to replace your day job is much easier than many people would expect. I am going to share with you the steps I took to earning my financial freedom.

Currency Trading Basics – How to Multiply Your Money

Most individual traders in the market lose money, the question is are you going to be one of the few that win or the many that lose. To be successful at trading whether its stocks, option, futures or forex information is king. Finding a mentor will put you months and years ahead of others who try to learn on there own.

Swing Stock Trading Methods – Increase Investment Profits

Swing stock trading is one option that works well for investors that want to grow their portfolio quickly with low risk stock trades. Unlike day trading where the investor is in and out of a stock in less than a day, swing trading allows the investor to locate a stock near the bottom of a swing trend, buy the stock and let it ride to near the top of the swing point.

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