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Successful Weekly Trading on the Financial Markets

Much is made today about trading the financial markets whether it be Major Indices like the Dow Jones, S&P500, FTSE100 or Forex markets like the US Dollar / British Pound or Euro on an intraday basis. Intraday simply means you are looking for trading opportunities to buy and sell the market during market hours.

Proprietary Trading Is Dead!

Oh really? I must not have gotten the memo. Am I the only one making money day trading this market? I don’t think so. As lead moderator of the Pristine Proprietary Trading Room, aptly named by its members as, “The Black Room”, for consistently putting our traders “in the black”, I can attest that the heartbeat of proprietary trading is pumping harder than ever.

Predicting Financial Market Direction in 2011

Predicting which way the markets will move is the ultimate test for any trader. Many traders believe that the markets are random and that there are no discernable trends or patterns to market movement. However when you start to analyse market data whether it be intra-day data or end of day data this random idea starts to fall by the way side. In fact some trends are well known already like sell in May and go away.

How To Get Started in Market Trading Anxiety Free and Profitably

The newcomer to market trading could be forgiven for looking elsewhere than the markets to begin trading right now. The level of potential risk faced by practising the complex range of trading choices out there is enough to make a seasoned trader’s head spin, let alone allow their accounts to tail spin.

How to Make Money Doing Day Trading? – 7 Steps to Day Trading Profit

Day trading, like any other business professions, needs profound training, decent planning, lots of practice, and emotion control. Thousands of beginners enter the day trading business every day in hope of making quick money. Yet only a few of those who get well trained, have a solid trading plan and discipline will survive and thrive in the business. How to become a successful day trader and make real money in the market? This article reveals the seven steps one need to take to achieve profitable day trading and financial freedom.

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