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Technical Indicators Plus Candlestick Patterns Can Be a Powerful Combination

However, if you combine candlestick patterns with technical indicators, it can become a highly powerful combination. There are a wide range of technical indicators that you can use to confirm the conclusion you have drawn from the candlestick charts. This way, your results may become more reliable and profitable.

Create Options Profits

With the use of stock options you can create a strategy to make a profit whether the stock goes up, down or sideways. Learning how to trade stock options could help boost your trading account. Start with the basics. What is an option?

Is it Possible to Short Sell Using CFDs on the Local Stock Market?

Short Selling on any of the markets around the world can lead to some of the biggest gains your portfolio will ever experience. One of the Key reasons behind this is the FEAR factor that people have of losing. People will work 10 times harder to protect their money and so when stocks markets for the Forex pairs around the world begin to fall, People want to get out. No Day Trader likes losing and when you get a high number of people looking to exit at once, a brilliant short opportunity presents itself. Today we’ll look at how you can short sell the top 20 ASX stocks.

Need to Know Before You Start Day Trading

As a stock trader it is already a well established fact that the stock market is a risky business, whereby you can gain the world or lose the shirt on your back. Well the topic of starting day trading is the most risky type of stock trading there is. There is however some hope in form of getting yourself educated.

Rising Unemployment Opens the Day Trading Floodgates

Day Trading and the Unemployment rate are like Siamese twins in a sibling rivalry. They are joined at the hip, whether they like it or not. But unemployment data creates massive market volatility, leading to fantastic day trading opportunities for the informed.

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