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Understanding FX Trading And Its Pitfalls

How many of us Forex Traders have thought that FX Trading was easy when we first started? While majority of the Forex Traders fail to ultimate make a good living with trading, how many amongst them really dissect the failure and gave a deep look for a solution?

Why Do Day-Traders Fail?

It is estimated that 97% of new day traders will fail. That means if you are just starting out, the odds are not in your favor.

Fibonacci Retracement – Simple Explanation

Fibonacci retracement is one of the most commonly used price projection out of the available Fibonacci price projection formulas. What is a Fibonacci retracement and how does it apply? Simply put, Fibonacci retracement is a mathematical formula that is applied to the price of an instrument to produce future price levels that the market is expected to react to.

Why Would I Need A Spread Betting Account?

Spread betting is the most recent trading method for active stock market investors. A spread betting account is necessary if you want to try and make profits from the current market trends, and it’s not just about starting out successfully, it’s equally important to stay successful as well. Unlike conventional betting, spread betting is much more flexible and hence more profitable for the bidder.

Understanding Penny Stocks and the Pink Sheets

Firstly let’s begin by understanding what exactly a Penny Stock is and how they are traded. They come up a lot when doing research about investing and advertising would have a new investor believe they have the potential to make someone a lot of money out of very little. In some cases, that can be true since they generally trade for under $5 with low market capitalization, but often times penny stocks…

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