Master The Double Bottom + RSI Divergence Trading Strategy (this made me a top 5% Forex trader)

Thoughts for Option Trading

From your research you have decided that Options are something you want to pursue as a form of Income. One of the best things about Options is that once you understand them there are so many of them and so many different combinations you can use them in.

Favorite Taylor Trading Method Trades

Day and swing traders use Taylor Trading Technique for several favorite trade set-ups. Traders take advantage of positioning their trades in sync with the ‘ebb-and-flow’ of the Markets identified by Taylor Trading Method ‘3-day cycle’…

Options And Stocks May Be An Option To Avoid Recession

The stock market has been going crazy for the past few years and people are losing a lot of money because of this. Everybody detests losing hard earned money. Our stock brokers will tell where to invest but there’s really no fool-proof plan on how to make your money go up all the time.

Spread Betting Guide: Why Spread Bet?

There are a number of alternative options to spread betting for your trading. Listed in this article are some of the advantages spread betting carries over standard trading.

Would You Consider Fixed Odds to Be Gambling and Spread Betting – Futures to Be Trading?

Of course not, however there is an awful lot of snobbery towards those that choose to use fixed odds or binary bets for their trading purposes. In one conversation with a respected trader and analyst, I mentioned that Elm Trader were going to be offering fixed odds products, the reply came back well that’s just gambling!

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