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Trading CFDs With the Pro’s and How to Level the Playing Field

The first thing to remember is that trading is not a level playing field. Professional traders have a lot of advantages over the private trader. Despite the accessibility and availability of CFDs to retail investors nowadays, in general, the pros still win more often than the non-pro traders. Why?

Trading Psychology – 3 Tips to Develop Mental Toughness in Your Trading

Have you ever had the experience where one little trading mistake or loss sets the tone for the entire day? Things seem to go from bad to worse and spiral out of control. You can take charge of your trading with these three tips on developing mental toughness.

The Day Trader’s Manual

Day trading can be considered a made to order profession. To a large extent you can work when and where you want. You can dictate exactly how you want to spend your day, working from your office or home, or even when travelling.

Basic Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a method of assessing the price of a share by relying on market data, such as price charts and volume with the intention of predicting future price movements. Technical analysis does not consider the intrinsic fundamental value of the security. Technical analysts believe that they can accurately predict the future price of a stock by looking at its historical price patterns.

Forex Day Trading – The Common Mistakes and How Can These Be Avoided

At present, forex day trading is one of the most popular trading methods used by investors who want to earn profit. However, mistakes are commonly done by most investors in the market. One of the common mistakes includes that of not being able to follow the proper rules in money management.

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