Multiple Timeframes Cheatsheet (95% Of Traders Get It Wrong)

Indices Back at the Races

Now that’s more like it! Thursday’s action on the indices was just the ticket. I’d been dithering a bit because of the signal of one of my favourite indicators, the McClellan Oscillator. But yesterday’s gains blasted away my lingering doubts about the rally. I did take profits on my FTSE position late afternoon.

Patience – A Key Virtue in Trading Any Market

Be patient, and you will get to where you want to be. If you rush your trades, or become impatient and do not wait for good trades you will find yourself worse off than when you started. Taking your time to do things will in fact give you more time, because you will spend less time fixing hastily made mistakes.

Devising a Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is often mischaracterized by individuals who say that it is difficult or next to impossible to make money in the financial markets. The individuals against day trading often state that the market movements are too unpredictable and that the rapid time frames to conduct the day trading strategy is impossible due to the inability to analyze the market and implement a plan of action.

Learn Day Trading Styles and Trends

To learn day trading requires the education pertinent to several types of day trading styles. These particular styles are varied for traders and generally match their personality as well as their specific needs. If you want to learn day trading, no doubt you have heard of, or will be taught about scalping. This particular practice is when an investor holds their position for a short time. That can range anywhere from seconds to minutes. It’s important that you don’t try scalping when you first learn day trading because it requires timing, skill and experience in knowing what can happen.

Worldspreads Review

Worldspreads used to be known as Share Spread (you can see why they changed their name!) and is publicly listed on the London Alternative Investments Market. They have been going for many years and have built up a very strong reputation for offering a superb service to their clients, from their head office in London. Not only do they have markets in London, but all across the world in places like Malaysia and South America.

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