My $100,000 Loss

Technical Analysis Training – Will the Trend Continue Or Will it Stop?

So you have started to trade and you have developed your stock trading strategy. You have completed your initial technical analysis training and after careful consideration you have settled on trend trading as your preferred trading style.

Fibonacci Trading

Fibonacci trading is to trading like a bee is to honey. The two go hand in hand. You may not know it right now, but if you currently trade you use Fibonacci trading tools already. You see trading with Fibonacci tools is simply a means of measuring potential reversals and extensions of price action. Fibonacci trading involves the most accurate means of doing so.

Trading Skills – 4 Little Known Ways to Become a Successful Trader

Whether you won or lost a particular week is not the important thing. It is better to have done the right thing and lost than to have done the wrong thing and won. Doing the wrong thing puts you on the road to ruin. Doing the right thing insures your success.

What Special Skills Does it Take to Be Successful Day Trader?

In recent years hundreds of new trading programs have come and gone with little fanfare. Yet, a constant level of trading success has persisted. There must be a common denominator, besides trading systems, that is important in determining traders success. I take a good look at what science and researchers are finding as important in successful trading.

Trading Psychology – 2 Key Trading Psychology Skills to Turn Your Trading Around

Last week I got a call from one of the traders I recently worked with to improve their technical and trading psychology skills. He first sought my help because of fear in pulling the trigger. He also had questions about trade setups and developing a trading plan.

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