My Best Forex Trading Setups This Week: XAU/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD 🚀

Day Trading Robot Review – Does it Really Work?

Right now, Day Trading Robot is basically two things, an automated trading “robot and a newsletter. This article is going to assume that right now you’re only interested in the newsletter, given the pricey tag of the automated trading system: $112,000 per annual license. also, that newsletter is selling quickly and in great demand.

ES Emini – Long and Short Positions

Understand Long and Short trading styles is an important skill in futures trading. As these concepts are among the most basic, and fundamental strategies employed by traders I thought it might be wise to take a moment and explore the meaning of long and short trades and the implications of each trade.

Slippage – ES Emini Trading

Slippage occurs when you sell or buy at a specified price and your actual execution price is higher or lower than your specified price. Even more likely, slippage can occur when you have a stop price specified and the executed stock price is higher or lower than you intended stop.

Learn How to Become a Day Trader – Everything You Need to Know

Day trading is one of the most profitable industries in the entire world and if you learn how to become a day trader you can expect to make a large amount of profit quickly. If you do not know what day trading this article will inform you and help you get started.

Daytrading Mistakes Can Be Costly

Every trader at some point will make a mistake. The great ones though learn from them and find ways to not repeat them.

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