My GameStop Game Plan for this week! (NYSE:GME)

To Be a Successful Trader

Trading is both an ‘Art’ and a ‘Science’. It has to be treated as a business. As participants in the market are human beings who bring in their emotions, fear and greed to trade, it is psychological. The collective psychological thoughts that happen to be present at any given time are those which move the markets in either direction.

Spread Betting Strategies – Controlling Your Emotions and Yourself

95% of day traders lose before they even reach first base in their trading journey. It is a brutal reality that very few succeed. You can easily learn the technical stuff to know when to enter and exit trades and stack the odds in your favour, however controlling your emotions is the bit that will eventually let you down, unless you learn ‘the discipline’.

How To Start Day Trading From Home

Day trading can be a fun way to make extra money, but it’s difficult to actually make a living from it. It takes a lot of discipline, research, and patience to be a day trader. But I’m not going to get into all the advanced details if you’re a beginner. This article is mainly just an introduction to day trading, so that you can have a better understanding on how the basics of it work.

Microcap Millionaires Strike Back

Would you like to know why most people fail at trading and investing in penny stocks? While professional traders make windfall profits year after year. Microcap Millionaires are striking back at small cap stock operations who try and take too much of a bite out of other traders accounts. Using proven trade strategies like, penny pump finders, bottom bouncers and sleeper stocks to make steady and consistent profits in the micocap stock trading arena. This article aims to introduce this particular penny stock trading advisory company and expose the secrets of surviving in this unforgiving market.

Careful Trading Inside of Consolidation

Ultimately, your ability to remain sensitive to market changes is what will allow you to make the necessary changes quick enough to prevent giving back earned profits. This sensitivity can be practiced even without live trading.

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