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Advantages of a Day Trading System

Day traders are offered with a number of ways to earn money from the stock market. Through obtaining solid principles of day trading, they are able to reach their goals in a productive way. In this light, it is important for traders to invest in a day trading system that will help them in enhancing as well as perfecting their trading strategies.

Why is a Day Trading Essential

Apart from paying for itself, a day trading course is essential specifically for beginners since they will definitely learn the basics of trading. Consequently, experienced traders can also gain from a trading course since it can enhance their abilities and proficiency in the field.

Trading Psychology – How the Trading Journal Gives You an Edge in Your Trading

Do you use a trading journal? Do you understand the key benefits from using a journal? This article explains why a trading journal is so helpful and how to properly use one.

Sharpen Your Trading With Occam’s Razor

Would you believe that a 14th century priest, and his concepts, can help make you a better trader? Well, English logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham really can make you a better trader. Ockham developed the concept commonly referred to as Occam’s Razor. Simply put, this principle favors the simple over the complex, when there is a choice to be made, or a path to be followed. This can be applied to your trading in a few different ways.

Trading Psychology – Serena’s Meltdown and What it Means For Traders

Did you watch the semifinals match where Serena Williams lost her focus and the match to an emotional outburst towards the line judge? See what you can learn as a trader from this experience.

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