My Top Forex Trading Setups for this Week: 2-7-2021

TradeStation Automated Exit Strategies – Overcome Emotional Trading

The typical human behavior in trading is cutting profits too short, and letting losses become too big. Automated exit strategies are very useful in overcoming this emotional tendency. Using automated exit strategies will free a trader’s mind to pick great trade entries while their exits are unemotionally managed and their exit rules are perfectly executed.

Understanding the Basics of the FOREX Market Is Key to Success

The FOREX market as we all know is a high yielding, highly competitive market with thousands of investors. In such a market it is important to understand the ins and outs before delving into trading itself. This is what this article covers.

TradeStation Programming – Turn Your Trading Ideas Into Money

Good entries and well thought through exits that limit risk, secure profits, and monitor your risk reward ratio, are critical to a good trading strategy. When you bring all of these TradeStation programming elements together in your trading strategies, that’s when the TradeStation platform can really help you turn your trading ideas into money.

The Importance of Keeping a Trading Journal!

Hi readers. Today I wanted to address something you probably hear over and over, and that’s the importance of keeping a trading journal! As most will already know Forex trading is a numbers game with no certainties just probabilities, a successful trader has to put the probabilities in his/her favour to give them an “edge” making them profitable in the long term. In order to be profitable in the long run a trader has to know their edge and in turn has to know their win ratio and their average reward: risk ratio in order to…

Top Trading Strategies Simplified

Contrary to popular opinion, stock market trading need not be very difficult and reserved only for professionals. Nowadays, especially with the advent of the Internet, even laymen can learn to trade stocks and actually participate in such an activity and gain profits from it. Essentially, stock trading involves buying and selling stocks and shares when the conditions are ideal (i.e., when you can make a profit in each transaction). For most people, it may seem like a highly risky game of chance, but really, all it takes is knowledge of basic information and some practice, along with some tools and strategies to help you out.

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