My Top Forex Trading Setups this Week: 1-31-2021

Penny Stock Broker Restrictions

There are many restrictions on penny stocks. Learn how to select a broker that will enable you to do the most with your penny stock trading account.

Day Trading for a Living – From Gambling to Trading

Many would-be traders bring a gambling mind-set to trading. This is a recipe for disaster. This article discusses how traders can shift their trading psychology and become winning traders instead of losing gamblers.

Classic Methods of Forecasting Financial Markets

There are many methods of forecasting financial markets. The most popular are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Some traders think that technical analysis is more important than fundamental analysis. Let’s look at this!

Support and Resistance Strategies for Day Trading Stocks and Forex

Everyone talks about support and resistance, but few know how to use it, and they use it in the wrong way. Support and resistance are powerful tools, if the trader has a strategy to identify and use the levels.

The Benefits of DMA CFDs

Direct Market Access or DMA is the often used to describe a variety of CFDs that have become popular in the Australia market, these are affectionately known as DMA CFDs. With DMA CFDs your trade is passed directly through to the underlying share market with no dealer or market maker intervention, this means that orders are executed at the true market price and in a timely manner with no re-quotes. Trading DMA CFDs is much like trading shares online.

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